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on a lonely night.

you're everything to me.

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'If I didn't care for fun and such,
I'd probably amount to much.
But I shall stay the way I am,
Because I do not give a damn.'

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1920s new york, 1997, a fine frenzy, all time low, alternative press, anything marc jacobs, apple pie, ayn rand, barbecue sauce, brideshead revisited, cadbury's creme eggs, cappucino, chace crawford, cherry carmex, chilli heatwave doritos, chuck bass, copeland, cups of tea, curled hair, david tennant, demi lovato, diet coke, disney films, disneyworld, doctor who, dominic howard, dorothy parker, driving, ed westwick, edith wharton, ellie goulding, eric northman, f. scott fitzgerald, facebook, family guy, fanmixes, florence + the machine, forever the sickest kids, friends, gareth david-lloyd, gingerbread lattes, glee, gossip girl, guilty pleasure music, gummi bear theatre, headbands with bows, henry james, high heels, holidays, ice cream, jack's mannequin, john mayer, john simm, karen gillan, katy perry, lace tights, lady gaga, late nights, leighton meester, lipstick, literature, little boots, lola by marc jacobs, look magazine, maltesers, marina & the diamonds, mario kart, marié digby, marshmallows, matt smith, my so-called life, nail polish, new look, noel fielding, one tree hill, orange juice, oreos, paramore, paris, pastel colours, pearls, perfume, pizza, pj harvey, pokemon, powerpuff girls, princess by vera wang, procrastinating, purple, reading, shoes, shopping, sims 3, strawberries, strawberry sauce, summer, talking, taylor swift, teen vogue, the age of innocence, the audition, the breakfast club, the cab, the fountainhead, the great gatsby, the handmaid's tale, the hills, the maine, the master, the simpsons, torchwood, true blood, tumblr, twitter, ugly betty, vitamin water, wuthering heights